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Enhanced Confirmations

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Enhanced Confirmations




Enhanced Confirmations adds Quite a lot of personalization to the invoices that you may want/need and the ability to pick and choose these features.



Administrators will see Quite a few options under the Group Tab:


You can checkmark these on/off to allow for that customization you want.

  • Combine Date/time on Confirmations: -
  • Combine Schedule on Confirmations: -
  • Enable Fine Print on Confirmations: -
  • Enable Unlimited line Comment length on Confirmations: -
  • Format Agency on new line on Confirmations: -
  • Format as AM/PM on Confirmations: -
  • Format Line Comment on new line of Confirmations: -
  • Include Attn. Contact on Confirmations: -
  • Include Avail Type on Confirmations: -
  • Include Header Comment on Confirmations: -
  • Include Item Comment on Confirmations: -
  • Include Legacy on Confirmations: -
  • Include Line # on Confirmations: -
  • Include Placement on Confirmations: -
  • Include Product on Confirmations: -
  • Include Projected Billing on Confirmations: -
  • Include Revenue Source on Confirmations: -
  • Include Revenue Type on Confirmations: -
  • Include Rotation Summary on Confirmations: -
  • Include Sales Person on Confirmations: -
  • Include Signature line on Confirmations: -
  • Include Station Summary on Confirmations: -
  • Include Telephone in Return Address on Confirmations: -
  • Include Time on Confirmations: -
  • Make Station optional on Confirmations: -
  • Use Pre-printed Letterhead on Confirmations: -
  • Use Short dates on Confirmations: -
  • Use short times on Confirmations: -



Combine Date/time on Confirmations

Combine Schedule on Confirmations

Enable Fine Print on Confirmations

Enable Unlimited line Comment length on Confirmations

Format Agency on new line on Confirmations

Format as AM/PM on Confirmations

Format Line Comment on new line of Confirmations

Include Attn. Contact on Confirmations

Include Avail Type on Confirmations

Include Header Comment on Confirmations

Include Item Comment on Confirmations

Include Legacy on Confirmations

Include Line # on Confirmations

Include Placement on Confirmations

Include Product on Confirmations

Include Projected Billing on Confirmations

Include Revenue Source on Confirmations

Include Revenue Type on Confirmations

Include Rotation Summary on Confirmations

Include Sales Person on Confirmations

Include Signature line on Confirmations

Include Station Summary on Confirmations

Include Telephone in Return Address on Confirmations

Include Time on Confirmations

Make Station optional on Confirmations

Use Pre-printed Letterhead on Confirmations

Use Short dates on Confirmations

Use short times on Confirmations


When Combined With...

This is no combination with this add-on. all of its features are listed in Options.



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