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The forums are now open for all conversations. Please feel free to join in on the discussion.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Access to the forums requires that you are a current RT customer.
  • Forums are moderated. Meaning all forum posts will not show up immediately until they have been reviewed by the moderators.
  • Opinions expressed in the forums may not directly reflect the official stance or policy of RadioTraffic.com or Scott Traffic LLC.
  • The forums are a courtesy and are subject to suspension and/or closure at any time in the future if abuse or other factors dictate doing so.
  • Please exercise common sense regarding posts to the forums; we all exist in the same community so treat it with the same respect that you feel you would be deserving of.
  • Please exercise caution in posting any personal information, information that may be considered confidential between any two parties, etc.



If you haven't registered please follow the steps that follow if you have skip this step and continue on to the How to use the Forums section.

This is a walk through on how to register for the Forums.



  • Step One
  • Step Two
    • Use the right scroll bar and scroll to the bottom of the web page.
  • Step Three
    • Notice the word Register and click on it.

(Notice the word Register is highlighted in YELLOW.)

  • Step Four
    • Read the Privacy notice and click Agree.
  • Step Five
    • Notice on the upper left side of the page a few fields have red asterisks by them under User Data, these are mandatory fields and your request for the Forums will not be processed unless these fields are filled out.


  • Step Six
    • Now click the Submit button (very important).
  • Step Seven
    • Last step (also very important). From the Dashboard, use the Feedback->Send a Smile tool to create a ticket. In this ticket please include the username you used when creating your forum account so we can verify/activate the account.


How to Use the Forums

  • Once you have an authorized user login and password please click here.

  • Please enter your login and password if you want your browser to remember your entries please click 'Remember Me' checkbox.

You will notice that the Forum is broken up in categories:

  • Essentials
    • Essentials: How Do I - The How To forum is the place to ask and find how to accomplish solutions to specific scenarios.
    • Essentials: Suggestions (Product Enhancements) - If you have an idea specific to Essentials that you'd like to see us implement, here's the place to discuss them.

  • EXP
    • EXP: How do I - The How To forum is the place to ask and find how to accomplish solutions to specific scenarios.
    • EXP: Suggestions (Product Enhancements) - If you have an idea that is specific to EXP that you'd like to see us implement, here's the place to discuss them.

  • Traffic1234
    • Traffic1234: How do I - The How To forum is the place to ask and find how to accomplish solutions to specific scenarios.


Adding a Comment

To add your comments to an existing conversation please select "Reply".


The "Reply" button is enclosed in a yellow rectangle and clicked it will bring up a box that will allow you to enter in your comment.


When you are finished please select the "Submit Reply" button.


Adding a New Topic

To start a new thread please select "New Topic" button or the green "New Topic"..



When "New Topic" is selected a box will appear and allow for a new topic to be posted.



Bumping to the Top

Really simple. On an existing topic add a new comment and enter + 1, this will comment back to the top.



This software is still in development and being tested, beta software has to have input from the customer for the feature to be authorized and used and we kindly ask for input back for the use of a beta feature. We base most of our judgements about beta software on the input we receive from our customers and if there is zero input then we may cancel a beta feature due to the lack of use or input and may not show up in future products. People that are granted beta software fall under the category of Early Adopter Program.



This thread has been reviewed by Development or Tier Two and an appropriate response has been issued.



This thread has been properly answered and an appropriate fix will show up in future updates.



I still can't login.

You have missed a step in the process and you need to send us a ticket and someone in Tier Two will give you a call back.

My post did not show up in the Forums!

We moderate the content that people send to us and if we feel the content is inappropriate or a duplicate issue we will post it and if it is a duplicate will give you a call and point you to the original post.

My post was moved!

Sometimes we will move posts that were accidentally approved and placed in the wrong area.


Additional Information

Due to the fact that the Forum runs on a third party software and uses a different set of authentication servers than RadioTraffic it is important to use another login and password. If you forget your password and didn't write it down, all we can do is reset your account. We also have hackers trying to gain access to our sites and the ticket verification is our second security verification that you are who you say you are.