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From the desk of Cory Smith

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Coming Soon




This is where we detail the features and capabilities we are actively working on.

Please note that RT follows the philosophy of "release early, release often" through a "continuous delivery" approach meaning that we are extremely enthusiastic to get into your hands any improvements that we've completed as soon as possible to that you can take advantage of them NOW!.

This means that it is extremely important that you keep an eye out for our release notes and if you have any questions (or need additional in-depth assistance) with any of the improvements that you don't hesitate to ask one of our customer service individuals to spend a little time with you. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggests you can always begin the process by using the Send a Smile tool available under the Feedback menu located on your Dashboard.



Please understand that this page contains WORK IN PROGRESS information; as such, some of the information this page may be adjusted, changed and/or outright removed without notice.


Pending Release

Multi-select in MakeGoods

We have added the multi-select capability in the MakeGood window providing the ability to reschedule, trash, check and/or uncheck multiple spots as a single action:


Added a standard comment (top) and standard comment (bottom) to confirmations, invoices and statements

For Invoices goto the Stations Tab under Settings, click the "Text" tab and add your comment:


Adding the comments will go on the invoices here:


For Statements and Confirmations goto the Group Tab under Settings, click the "Text" tab and add your comment:


Adding the comments will go on the statements here:

Adding the comments will go on the confirmations here:

  • Modified
    • Added: The following optional columns are available for use on the Write On Spot (Log) window: Placement, Product, Start Date, End Date, Quantity, P.Conflict, S.Conflict, Avail Type, Sales Person, Owner, and Agency.
    • Added: Multi-select capability is now available in the MakeGood window providing the ability to reschedule, trash, check and/or uncheck multiple spots as a single action.
    • Added: It is now possible to optionally define/include a standard comment (top) and standard comment (bottom) for confirmations, invoices and statements.
    • Improved: The Statement Aging (By Month) option has been modified based on several of our clients feedback so that the "current month" is included only if there is a balance within the "current month"; if no balance, the "current month" is filtered from the included Aging (By Month).
    • Fixed: The Ticket field of the Filter tab in the Tickets window only allows for 5 digits; this needs to be increased to support the (now) 6 digit ticket numbers.
  • Exceptions
    • NullReferenceException in Ticket.InitializeDataAsync(): It seems that it is possible to still attempt to open a ticket where the cached data necessary to view the ticket is unavailable due to pressing cancel in the Tickets window which will cause this exception. This update addresses this by attempting to handle this situation more gracefully.


Near Future

The following items are features and capabilities that we are going to be actively working on for inclusion in an upcoming update. Please remember, this list is "fluid"; it can literally change at any moment and nothing on this list is to be interpreted as a commitment to feature availability or target release... in other words, this is just what we are "attempting to do" and if things go without any issues it might happen. With that said, you are very welcome to reach out to us regarding any comments/suggestions you might have related to these features so that we can provide you with the best possible result.

To put this another way... "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." - Mike Tyson

  • Active/On-going...
    • Migrate RT from Dallas (Scott Traffic, LLC) to Denver (Marketron Broadcast Solutions, LLC) (traf.com, wiki, forum, services, updates, databases, "master database", etc.)
    • Trash and/or archive "everything"!
    • Merge nearly "everything"!
    • Multi-select capability on *all* Settings lists.
    • SQL Server performance tuning.
  • April 24
    • Add ability to multi-select, trash, un-trash, archive, un-archive, merge, view trashed, view archived to Plans. (.)
    • Add ability to multi-select, trash, un-trash, archive, un-archive, merge, view trashed, view archived to TaxOnTaxes. (.)
    • It would be nice to have an option to choose the way our statements format the aging information; would like to see "by month" (instead of 30/60/90/etc.). (forum)
    • Track when a contract was approved; in the PrintConfirmations window, add an Approved column so that contracts can be printed in the order they were approved. (forum)
    • Would love the option to differentiate between the log notes and automation colors with color options. (forum)
  • May 8
    • Migrate from .NET 4.5 to .NET 4.6.1.
    • When working with write on spots, it would be helpful if the spot(s) contained additional information so that specific spots from specific line items can be utilized. (.)
    • Add ability to multi-select, trash, un-trash, archive, un-archive, merge, view trashed, view archived to Fees. (.)
    • Add option to include Agency Commission % on Confirmations. (forum)
    • Add option to include Sales Commission % on Confirmations. (forum)
    • Add option to suppress the "C/O" portion of an Agency address on confirmations, invoices, and statements. (.)
  • May 22
  • June 5
    • Would like to have a new report, inspired by the Annual Sales Review report, called "Yearly Sales Review" that displays this year compared to (up to) the last 4 years (5 years in total). (forum)
    • Please add a "Cart #" report. (forum)
    • Please add a "Copy In-Use / Assignment" report. (forum)
    • Add date/time printed to the printed Invalid Copy tab in the Log. (forum)
    • Add ability to leverage multi-select to approve the selected item(s) in Contracts. (forum)
  • June 19
    • Maintenance only...
  • June 26
    • Add optional "Garbage" tab to the Log providing the ability to see and un-trash previously trashed spots that could have targetted the currently working log. (forum)
    • When duplicating a Contract, would like the ability to re-target the lines to a specific station. (forum)
    • When duplicating a Contract, would like to specify whether or not to include the existing rotations. (forum)
    • When duplicating a Contract, would like to specify the end date in addition to the start date. (forum)
    • When duplicating a Contract line item, would like to specify the "end date" in addition to the "start date". (.)
  • July 10
    • Add ability to reorder the lines (line numbers) on a Contract. (forum)
    • When adding a new rotation to a running contract, please take into account the state of the logs when determining the default start date of the new rotation. (forum)
  • Evaluating...
    • Would love to have the ability to "duplicate" an existing rotation (instructions) across multiple (one or more) stations instead of having to duplicate and change each time for every target station. (forum)
    • Modify Statements so that the automatic selection is based on "recent activity" instead of current "balance". (forum)
    • For OAR billing, would it be possible to bill clients at the end of a month instead of the 15th? Or at least closer to the end of the month. (forum)
    • When entering OAR could the calendar be the current month and not last month. Can be confusing. (forum)
    • Allow for the adding/modifying of Copy "everywhere". (forum, forum, forum)

NOTE: The above list is not all-inclusive, a commitment or a promise of delivery.


Far(ther) Future

The following list is areas that we are interested in working on; however, they are "further down the road".

  • Integrate RT Tickets with Marketron Customer Central with zero negative impact on existing client-facing features.
  • Migrate from "Forums" (external of RT) to Suggestions (internal to RT).
  • Integrate with Marketron Proof-of-Performance.
  • Integrate with Marketron Network Connect.
  • Integrate with Marketron PayNow. (forum)
  • Integrate with Marketron Electronic Orders and Invoices.
  • Integrate with Marketron Automation Manager.
  • Add "DocumentStore" - the capability to "file" externally created (electronic) documents directly within RT; possibly by integrating with one or more of the many cloud-based file sharing services.
  • Add "Credit Worthiness" information tab to Contracts. (forum)
  • Provide for detailed change tracking.
  • Add support for "Multi-level Approval".
  • Consider adding the ability to add multiple spots as a single action directly to invoices from both within the invoice and spot detail.
  • Consider creating a target invoice to manually place spots directly to an invoice if the invoice for the target billing cycle doesn't already exist; need to evaluate the pros/cons further.
  • Consider adding a tool that will (at the very least) allow a support person to "catch up" the generated logs for new station(s) due to delays in "getting started"; removing the need to manually lock and reconcile all of the logs up to a particular date.
  • Consider adding a prompt to either launch ticket or URL for notices on the dashboard for ticket replies that clearly contain a URL (launching the default web browser).
  • Consider duplicating the functionality of "Batch Invoices" in AR in Contracts for Confirmations.
  • "Would like to be able to X out of a station in templates and not have to go completely out and select "templates" again, would like to be able to X out of a station and then be able to select another station to work in without getting completely out. I hope that makes sense! Thank you!"
  • "Would like a "Rescheduled" report showing what spots are rescheduled for a specific date range. Please include the ability to show the original target date and rescheduled date if possible. Having this facility will assist us in quickly identifying agency spots that might be an issue because we incorrectly rescheduled them."
  • "Would like the ability to pre-print confirmations where these "pre-confirmations" include the projected billing section."



  • Why do new releases occur "during the day"?

    There are pros and cons to every possible time where we could send out a release. Our experience has demonstrated that doing the updates during the day is in the best benefit of all. There are many reasons for this the first of which is having a full staff on hand to handle any possible issues that sometimes arise is far better than having no one. Given that RT is world-wide, there really isn't a day or time where someone is actively using the product; so no matter what, someone could be impacted if something goes wrong. One also has to remember that even if the update was done "overnight" if someone shows up before people are available at Marketron and there is a critical issue... that issue will have to go unresolved easily three or more hours. This, we feel, is unacceptable. Given how we currently approach this; if an issue arises, it's possible that given the number of people using the product that an issue is found and resolved by someone else before you experience the issue (power in numbers). The entire staff is on high alert and if any issues do arise, they handled with absolute #1 priority. Given that the update is typically less than a minute, we feel that the tradeoff is worth it.