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Enhanced Billing

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Enhanced Billing


WORK IN PROGRESS - Please understand that we are actively rewriting much of our documentation and this page is currently "under construction"; if there's anything that you'd like to see added to and/or expanded upon, please let us know by sending us a smile.



Enhanced Billing adds the follow abilities to AR:

  • Adds the Make Goods tab under Tools in the Main Menu.
  • Adds the Invoice# column to all tabs.
  • Adds the Reminder bar in the Gathering Tab.
  • Adds the Reminder bar in the Print Tab.
  • Add the ability to Automatically Collate Statements and Invoices.
  • Add the Reminder to upload EDI when exporting EDI. (Export to EDI Add-on).



Make Goods tab

Under Tools in the Main Menu:


This allows you to quickly jump to the Make Good window that is in the contract page.

See MakeGood

Adds the Invoice# column to all tabs


This gives better management with all tabs.

The Reminder bar in the Gathering Tab


On this tab, you will now see a message stating that there are more than one MakeGood items and/or one or more Log items that have not been reconciled.

EC This serves as a reminder as to why one or more Invoice items may still exist in this phase that you might think shouldn't; this is because in order for the Invoice to be ready for approval, all of the Log items must be current with regards to reconciliation and any outstanding spots that have not run need to be processed using the MakeGood tools in order for the spots that target the individual Invoice items are complete. Until the Invoice appears to be complete, it sits in the gathering phase.

Automatically Collate Statements and Invoices

You get a reminder in the Print tab:


To automatically collate printed statements and invoices, use main menu Tools->PrintStatements prior to using the Process button for the print phase.


Enhanced Billing also adds an Invoice# column.



Administrators will also see a few options under the Group Tab:


You can checkmark these on/off to allow for even more customization.

  • Enforce Billing Cycle Boundary: - With this checked, You cannot finalize invoices till the end of billing cycle is complete.

  • Shift Short Broadcasting Invoices forward: - With this checked, will shift the broadcast invoices using "billing cycle end date" regardless of "invoice effective date".

  • Affects the following reports:
    • Reconciliation (Accrual)
    • Reconciliation
    • Aging
    • Aging (by Month)
    • Billing History
    • Invoice


When Combined With...

When you Enhance Billing and you add other Add-ons you can...

Export to EDI

  • Reminder to upload EDI when exporting EDI.

When you have this add-on with Enhanced Billing you have the added Reminder/ability to upload to EDI as well as an open button to go to EDI Upload if that is the next step you wish to do:




The Actions you see happening at the bottom of the window is the status bar. This is an area located at the bottom of the window that displays the currently executing activity.


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