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CS We are actively working with the folks at InfluenceFM to make the interaction between our two products as AWESOME! as humanly possible.



The influenceFM add-on completely removes the need to design, review, verify, trial-and-error a report that will work with the influenceFM product. Additionally, it completely removes any and all effort related to generating this report (export) potentially every day.

As an added bonus, there is no possibility of human error as well as the information can be automatically requested (real-time) directly by the influenceFM service offering. In other words, the information in influenceFM is accurate and completely up-to-date.

To take this even further, we've worked (and will continue to do so) with influenceFM to further enhance the information sharing between our two systems... the level of which would be nearly impossible to do by hand in scope and frequency.



In order for influenceFM to be able to "talk" to RT, you will need to provide influenceFM with a secret key (unique code) that we refer to as the APPCODE. To provide the APPCODE that influenceFM requires, you can simply copy-and-paste the value directly from within RT. (NOTE: This is a one time process; once configured, it shouldn't need to be done again.)

EC You get the Appcode from RT when you sign up for service.

From the Dashboard, click on Settings. From within Settings, click on Group. You will then see the following:


From here, you highlight the APPCODE by right clicking on it and selecting the Select All tool. Right-click again and choose the Copy tool. The value is now in your copy-and-paste buffer and you use this number here:

TODO: Is there a URI for where this APPCODE will be entered?

From here you can add your Company Info and Paste the APPCODE in the correct box.

TODO: Need image of what the screen looks like in influenceFM where this APPCODE will be entered.

This will allow influenceFM to do the setup on their end.



TODO Document how to use this... wait... there's nothing to do. InfluenceFM automatically pulls the information as needed once everything is configured properly.



If you have any issues with the process at this point you may need to contact [http://www.influence.fm| influenceFM] support:



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